Speed in project management is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. On June 16, the ISPE Project Management Benelux COP (Community of Practice) gathered at MSD Animal Health in Boxmeer to discuss the “Need for Speed in Pharma Projects.” The event featured insightful presentations and valuable networking opportunities.

Expert Insights and Key Presentations
Following the customary welcome and safety briefing, Hans Weverling and two colleagues from Janssen Biologics kicked off the event. They shared their experiences with the rapid delivery of the Vaccine Launch Facility (VLF) for COVID-19 vaccine production, detailing the challenges and the expedited process supported by the Dutch government.

Paul Janssen from MSD Animal Health presented on their new building in De Bilt, focusing on the benefits of modular construction. He emphasized efforts to minimize disruption in the densely populated area, showcasing innovative solutions in building design.

Marcel Tan addressed the critical issue of drug shortages, explaining how these can significantly pressure project timelines. His talk highlighted the importance of proactive measures to mitigate this issue.

After a short break and refreshments, Imme van der Taelen discussed the urgency of speed in drug development. She emphasized the importance of industry collaboration to accelerate problem-solving and enhance efficiency.

Patrick de Graeve concluded the presentations by explaining the differences between PODs, 2D modular, and stick-built construction methods. He shared his insights into the pros and cons of each approach, drawing from his extensive experience in the field.

Panel Discussion and Networking
The event wrapped up with a brief panel discussion, followed by drinks and networking. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the day’s topics in more detail.

Overall, the ISPE Benelux Project Management COP provided a fun and informative day, highlighting the critical need for speed in pharma projects and fostering valuable connections among industry professionals.

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