Adryan is an internationally operating services group. From our offices in The Netherlands and Switzerland, we offer a full range of services for the (Bio-) Pharmaceutical and High-End Food industry.


Any life sciences company needs to follow processes in order to comply with the applicable standards, laws and regulations.

Quality management services

Adryan can support on any aspect of quality system and management reviews to affect the quality assurance of your products.

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Audit & gap assesment

Adryan can offer you a quick but comprehensive scan (gap assessment) of the status of the quality management system (QMS) of your organisation.

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Quality investigation

Adryan investigates quality issues based on three GMP-supported methods to control and create the desired improvement of the quality of processes and products.

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Adryan can offer support in remedying the issues found by the auditor at the latest audit or inspection.

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Quality assurance

The QA consultants of Adryan are experts in the full range of quality assurance activities for the (bio) pharmaceutical industry.

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Quality control

The industry-leading experts of Adryan understand the importance of quality control to ensure a safe release to sale or distribution.

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Commissioning, qualification and validation (CQV) is a complex process. Over the years CQV has become Adryan’s strategic flagship.

Integrated commissioning and qualification

Adryan’s approach to commissioning and qualification is based on the cGMP requirements and ASTM E2500 method.

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Cleaning validation

The approach of Adryan as member of a subject matter expert team will help you to identify the cleaning validation issues that could affect patient safety or product quality.

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Analytical method validation

Adryan’s approach to analytical method validation is based on the cGMP requirements and ICH Q2 guidelines.

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Design qualification

Adryan’s approach will help the suppliers to identify the design issues that could affect patient safety or product quality.

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Computerized system validation

Computerized systems must be qualified in order to address the specific security and data integrity risks, besides the operational risks.

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Essential document preparation

The experts of Adryan can provide assistance in creating essential written documents.

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Process validation

The process validation engineers of Adryan are able to assure that your qualified equipment and personnel, and the process as well as its process controls are consistently able to produce your product in line with patient safety requirements.

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Engineers use scientific principles to make sure projects can be executed in a safe manner with the expected level of quality. Engineers are involved in phases such as basis of design, testing and maintenance of products and systems.

Process engineering

The process engineers of Adryan deliver full-service engineering services for the life sciences industry.

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Equipment & facility engineering

Adryan has the experience to provide the services needed for equipment and facility engineering.

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Process automation

By using the latest technology the consultants and engineers of Adryan can automate your complex processes.

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Adryan offer resources for hands-on assistance, with experience in multiple disciplines as well as project leads, and we can also act as an additional party to manage the project.

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The practice of project management within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry provides unique challenges and opportunities.

Interim management

Adryan can provide experienced interim managers who have worked at a senior level in the field of life sciences at various projects for multiple clients.

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Portfolio management

Adryan’s Portfolio and Programme approach is based on the P3O as described by the Office of Government Commerce (OCG) and is aligned with OGC’s Prince 2.

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Project and program management

Adryan is an expert in handling different project management tools, and can shape them to the customer’s requirements.

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Construction management

Construction management at Adryan includes everything that has to do with the construction preparation and realization of the project.

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