Interim management

Adryan can provide interim managers who have worked at a senior level in the field of life sciences. Often being somewhat overqualified for the roles they take on, they can address a specific skills gap or problem by bringing skills and knowledge that would usually not otherwise be present.,. Their experience and expertise enable them to be productive and to make a noticeable impact right from the outset, maximising the likelihood of success.

As the project or task comes to an end, the interim manager ensures that all objectives have been met and that the client is satisfied. This stage may involve knowledge handover and training, identifying and sourcing ‘business as usual’ successors, and sharing lessons learned in the process.

Sometimes interim managers may continue to give occasional ‘ad hoc consultancy. Sometimes the interim manager may be brought in again for a follow-up or further assignment, thus beginning the ‘lifecycle’ again.

What we offer

The prospective client and interim manager make initial contact, exploring requirements sufficiently as to allow the client to decide whether or not to bring in the interim manager to address the situation. This will likely involve a preliminary assessment of what the client wants and the scope of the interim manager’s contribution. It is also likely to involve a due diligence and interview process to make sure the interim manager is the right fit for the business. Typically the entry stage takes place over one or more initial meetings, and results in the provisional hire of the interim manager.

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