Wilfred Tuurenhout (59) clearly enjoys his role as a Senior Consultant at Adryan, and it shows at first glance. With great enthusiasm, he talks about the wide range of services that Adryan offers to its clients, emphasizing the power of word-of-mouth referrals, efficient communication channels, a pleasant working atmosphere, professional advice, and added value.

Originally, Wilfred had a background in microbiology. After completing his studies, he ventured into the realm of Quality Compliance within various pharmaceutical companies, both large and small. However, his true passion lay in problem-solving, a skill in which he excelled. This led him to become the “internal troubleshooter” at several companies, eventually transitioning into full-time consultancy, a role that suited him perfectly. “Adryan fosters open communication and minimal hierarchy,” he notes. “As a consultant, you have the freedom and creativity necessary for effective problem-solving. The majority of our 150+ consultants are employed by Adryan, and this fosters a sense of unity and a platform for sharing best practices. In short, Adryan provides consultants with the ideal foundation to live up to our slogan, ‘We reach for the best.'”

Growing through Word-of-Mouth Referrals
Word-of-mouth referrals are the most valuable form of promotion for any company. Adryan, founded in 2012 by Seth Hagemann, has primarily thrived on this type of advertising. Wilfred continues, “I’ve already mentioned our strong foundation, but there’s more to it. We regularly come together to share knowledge. ‘We reach for the best’ is our slogan, and we live up to it individually as well. Every consultant has a personal development plan, which is a powerful tool for recognizing strengths and areas for improvement.

A company can always improve, but individuals can too, ultimately enhancing the level of service provided to clients. Continuous learning and improvement are also crucial due to ever-changing regulations, especially in how they are interpreted. I always recall an FDA audit at a pharmaceutical company in Amsterdam where there was a dispute over a quality issue. The U.S. regulations defined the quality standard but allowed some flexibility in interpretation. The Amsterdam-based company had chosen a certain approach within those margins, but the FDA officials suggested a different one. There was no room for further discussion when the FDA’s stance was, ‘Mister, you are right, but the agency asks you to do it.’ It’s a classic example of how regulations can be approached from different angles, with the government agency’s (FDA) perspective being the final word. It’s no longer just about rules but also about a personalized, tactful approach.”

Netherlands as a Life Sciences Hub
Adryan has been operating internationally for some time now. “Our growth in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany was so rapid that we recently decided to open a second office in Visp, Switzerland (Wallis). With a local multidisciplinary team of professionals, we serve a portion of the German-speaking market, with many Big Pharma companies among our clients.”

An international scope adds an extra dimension to the work, but it’s the tremendous dynamism within the Dutch Life Sciences and Biotech sector that truly expands the horizon. “In recent years, the Dutch Life Sciences sector has become a global player. With leading research institutes, a highly educated workforce, excellent healthcare, an innovation-focused government, and our central location, you can now consider the Netherlands the ultimate R&D innovation hub in Europe. The projects we undertake are becoming increasingly significant and groundbreaking.”

Currently, Wilfred is involved in the conversion of a factory into a cell culture media production facility for the biopharmaceutical industry. The biopharmaceutical industry is a major consumer of these growth media, which support cell cultivation and are used for drug testing and cell therapy. The global demand for these media is growing so rapidly that a new location was necessary. Choosing a Dutch location primarily serves the European market.”

According to Wilfred, one of the advantages of being a consultant of Adryan is the involvement from the project’s inception, through design, conversion, and finally, qualification. “This allows me to ensure optimal quality throughout the entire project, and clients appreciate having a direct point of contact and streamlined communication.”

“Of course, as Adryan, we also provide support throughout the entire process,” concludes the passionate Senior Consultant. “To that end, we are ISO 9001 certified for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety.”