What is VCA-VOL:

With your VCA, you demonstrate that you have basic knowledge about safety, health and the environment when carrying out work. VCA-VOL is the certificate with which you demonstrate that you can also do this in a more supervisory role or function. When you have obtained the VCA-VOL certificate, you are able to recognize unsafe situations in the workplace and are familiar with the laws and regulations. The certificate is valid for 10 years.

It’s important to note that VCA-VOL is primarily a Dutch certification, designed to ensure safety, health, and environmental aspects of work. However, in the context of an increasingly globalized labor market, VCA-VOL is gaining recognition in other European countries. The certification is also valid in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria. However, it is not as widely recognized or used internationally as some other safety certifications like ISO 45001 for which Adryan has also been certified.

Safety, health and the environment at Adryan

At Adryan, every employee is given the opportunity to obtain his or her VCA-VOL certificate. We see the added value that the certificate brings to both our consultants and our clients. There is an increasing demand for certification in areas such as safety and we at Adryan ensure that our consultants comply with this demand. The certification also adds value to our ISO 45001 certification.