Friday June 3 2022, On world bicycle day a group of enthusiastic cyclists gathered around for the Adryan Ride and Bite. This concept, where employees of Adryan and our clients meet to ride a social ride, has grown into a successful and annual event. A social ride is a relaxed ride, ridden at a pace that suits all riders. It offers great networking opportunities while riding a beautiful course.

Under a bright sunshine and a gentle breeze of wind (BFT 3), the group drove beautiful long stretches through the Dutch polder. The small villages and narrow streets the group visited caused twisting and turning, which made it challenging. The highlight of the ride was the passage along the UNESCO World Heritage windmills of Kinderdijk. A unique way of experiencing this piece of history that is visited by people from all across the world.

After a trip of 72km, the group returned to the starting point. During the ride, many calories were burned so the group deserved a delightful dinner. A delicious meal was served and there was even more room for chatting and networking.

In short, the ride was once again more than successful.