On November 15 2023, the ISPE GAMP5 event took place at the Pivot Park in Oss. The Pivot Park is an extensive and flourishing biopharma campus, where further growth is currently being actively pursued by entering new collaborations with, among others, companies in the Leiden Bio Science Park and the entire pharmaceutical sector.

The subsequent speakers (Novartis, UCB, J&J in combination with Deloitte, Imres) added depth to the event by delving into the most recent practical applications of GAMP5 in various settings and at various pharmaceutical manufacturers. These experts shared valuable insights, not only theoretical, but also based on actual experiences. It was emphasised that the 2nd edition provides a completely different validation approach: more from a testing perspective.

During the break and afterwards, participants had the opportunity to mingle and network. It was particularly striking that Adryan enjoys a positive reputation, mainly due to the expertise of the staff and the corporate culture. This recognition serves as proof of the high standards maintained within the organization, showcasing our commitment to excellence and exemplifying our motto, ‘we reach for the best.’

In conclusion, the ISPE GAMP5 event at Pivot Park was a valuable experience.