A Friday to remember, June 16th 2023, when the Adryan Ride and Bite event pulled us away from our work and into the great outdoors. It was all about cyling, networking, and some seriously good food.

Hosted by Adryan, the event attracted cyclists not only from within the company but also from esteemed partners such as Abbott, Batavia, BBIO, and Hexion Westlake.

Under the radiant sun, a group of 18 enthusiastic cyclists set out from the picturesque town of Goudriaan for a delightful 60-kilometer route. Their journey led them through the scenic Dutch polder, with the enchanting Lek River as their constant companion.

Midway through their ride, a well-deserved break presented itself. Here the group awaited with refreshing ice-cold treats, and cyclists refilled their water bottles. Energized, they continued their adventure, covering the remaining 24 kilometers along the winding rivers of Linge and Giessen, showcasing the beauty of the local region.

To conclude the event on a high note, we gathered for a delicious meal while engaging in meaningful conversations. It was the perfect setting to forge new connections and deepen existing ones. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining us for next year’s Adryan Ride & Bite event!